Bee Well through coughs and colds

November 08, 2018

Bee Well through coughs and colds

We are currently at the start of spring but there are still some nasty coughs and colds around. Kids can catch up to  eight, even ten, colds per year, which on average last for five to seven days each. That’s up to seventy days every year of distressed kids (and parents) trying to heal through sleepless nights! 

If this sounds like your family, you may be searching for a natural, effective chest balm to support immunity and relieve coughs or colds without petroleum and all the other nasties. Beetanicals may be a solution for you, which combines our own Australian beeswax, Australian Native Superfoods and other all-natural ingredients to produce pure, trustworthy chest balms for modern families. As  some parts of a baby’s skin are up to 20-30% thinner than that of older children and adults, we have created a separate balm for babies from three months old.


The Beetanicals Standard

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of our Bee Well chest balms, we have sought input and guidance from a world expert in aromatherapy and essential oil safety to ensure that our ingredients are appropriate for use for the ages recommended. Despite mixed information online around use of eucalyptus and peppermint in children, we can assure parents that our products have been approved by our expert as safe and effective.

Our balms have the Clean and Pure stamp of approval from Native Oils Australia, which guarantees global industry standards for quality and purity from paddock to bottle. Each of our ingredients has been tested under this program, ensuring they are nasty-free. Our Manuka honey has also been independently tested to confirm that it’s MGO (Methylglyoxal) strength.  

Bee Fact - Winter survival is a team effort for honey bees. Some worker bees  take on a “heater bee” role, helping keep hives warm by vibrating to generate temperatures of up to 43 degrees!

Tips to Stay Well through this time

Besides our balms, there are other ways to reduce the risk and duration of colds in your family. In the case of chesty coughs, Manuka honey can be enjoyed as a teaspoon stirred into tea to help break up mucus and kill bacteria. The MGO 263+ Manuka honey works great for this and provides the additional immunity boost. The teaspoon of honey combined with the chest rub has been a complete game changer in our house and many others to ease those nasty coughs for a good nights sleep.


For a more broad-spectrum approach to fighting infections, perhaps a Bee Well Immune Boosting Tea will do the trick. Here, combine a pinch each of Kakadu plum powder, lemon myrtle powder and ginger with a teaspoon of Manuka honey, and a squeeze of lemon juice if you would like an extra citrus hit.  Kakadu plum and  lemon myrtle both have powerful antioxidant properties, which provides much-needed  protection to the immune cells as fighting infection exposes them to a high level of oxidative stress. Did you know that Kakadu plum is higher in vitamin C than any other fruit? For these same reasons, ensuring that you and your family consume plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables may help to prevent colds and reduce their severity. The range of antioxidants that our immune systems need are meant to  work together, with different functions and the ability to regenerate each other. Or simply have a manuka honey, ginger & squeeze of lemon in your tea.


Don’t forget the basics, either. Staying hydrated is essential for both immune and overall health even when it’s freezing cold.  Sleep is important too, as a hormone we produce during healthy sleep patterns helps to “prime” certain immune cells. Probiotics, whether they be supplemental or in live culture-containing fermented foods such as yoghurt (watch out for sugar content!), also communicate with the immune system and keep it running smoothly. And what list of tips for the cold and flu season would be complete without handwashing? It sounds obvious, but a survey by  WaterAid revealed that around 60% of people in the UK do not wash and dry their hands properly! Correct handwashing involves thoroughly washing our hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, but most people only do this for less than 15 seconds. This is important because  many viruses that cause coughs, colds and other infections can survive on skin for an hour or more. Also lots of love and hugs will help your little ones feel better when they are not feeling well.


To check out our products to help support you and your family through winter;

Baby Beetanicals - Bee Well Balm

Beetancials – Bee Well Balm

Manuka Honey MGO 263+

Written by: Tanya Stanley & Alexandra Preston - Naturopath - BHSc (Nat)


Testimonials from our bee-autiful customers using the Bee Well Balms & Manuka honey;

“After only using the product a couple of times, Beetanicals Bee Well has already become the go-to brand within our household for nasal congestion, dry/ inflamed skin or insect bites. Both of our two girls (three and seven) know it by name and ask for it - it is our magical cream. As parents we are delighted to have found a product that is not only completely natural and made in here Australia, it actually works.” - Jo (QLD) 

“I highly recommend Beetanicals Bee Well Balm; it is great as a soothing chest rub that provided me with quick relief for an irritating cough and nasal congestion.  The smell wasn’t overbearing like some common rubs, and importantly is free of artificial ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, petroleum, GMOs, synthetics, or harsh chemical ingredients, which I found as a pleasant and reassuring alternative”. Gary (ACT)

Manuka Honey MGO 263+ - “Love it, love it, love it!  How lucky are we to have this locally produced jar of goodness available for our children.  My 3 year old daughter struggles with a terrible cough for weeks at the end of each cold she endures in addition to a nasty cough during the cold/ viral infection at times.  I found cough medicines on the market pretty much useless, and prior to coming across this liquid gold was at my wits end with sleepless nights during these periods for both me and her, which took its toll on the whole family.  I cannot rave enough about this product and feel so privileged to have a natural, high quality, and effective resource, knowing as a mum who cares I am giving my child the best.  The antibacterial qualities are a bonus and the kids love the taste, asking for a teaspoon of their 'honey medicine'.  I use this product for coughs and colds to boost their immune system and in conjunction with the chest balm.  I did at first use however explain to the kids it was special honey medicine and different to toast honey, so as they were prepared for the different taste - they loved it all the same”. Belinda (Vic)

“With a new baby, and a colder than usual winter, we had more than a few sniffles sneak into our house this cold and flu season. It was a great relief to know we had chest balms to use which were natural, free from nasties and gave us all the help we needed to breathe easy as we slept. It was soothing and smelt beautiful too. We felt the balm reduced the symptoms and duration of our colds. Having a chest balm which was suitable for use on a baby from 3 months was amazing. She was able to get relief from the stuffiness and get back to sleeping soundly. And knowing we were using products with all natural ingredients meant we didn’t hesitate to use it whenever we could sense the sniffles returning”. Kylie (Vic)

“I love and feel comforted by a natural product, hence points to this lovely balm.  I found it difficult to find a cold and flu balm for kids with a quality natural base as opposed to the cheap and nasty petroleum based.  I have used an alternate similar product to this balm on my son however the consistency was lumpy and for some reason would irritate his skin and cause it to become itchy and rash.  The Beetanicals Bee Well balm however has a really lovely consistency so much so I've even thought about using it as a hand balm!” Belinda (Vic)

“Your chest balm is fantastic!! I was coughing all day yesterday! Before I went to bed I rubbed some on and didn't cough all night!!” Jo (Vic)

“Our family recently had a bad run with a chest cold that resulted in my 3 year old waking up coughing during the night. Within 5 minutes of applying 100% natural chest balm she stopped coughing and was able to fall back asleep. This helped her speedy recovery. I found it to be as effective on myself when I became sick. The balm has a beautiful silky touch and smells amazing”. Jess (Vic)

“I couldn’t go without the Bee Well Balm. I put it on my chest and it helps relieve my irritated throat and have a good night’s sleep”. Robert (Vic)

“We absolutely love Baby Bee Well Balm! Through winter so far I have been applying Bee Well to 6 month old Sadies Back, Chest and Feet morning and night especially when she is blocked up, it has helped her breathe better whilst playing, feeding, napping and especially sleeping at night! We found Sadie prefers this balm opposed to other vapour balms which are overpowering and would struggle to apply to her. Best of all it is natural. Thanks so much!” – Toni (Vic)