Beetanicals – Bee Well Balm

“I highly recommend Beetanicals Bee Well Balm; it is great as a soothing chest rub that provided me with quick relief for an irritating cough and nasal congestion.  The smell wasn’t overbearing like some common rubs, and importantly is free of artificial ingredients, fragrances, dyes, parabens, petroleum, GMOs, synthetics, or harsh chemical ingredients, which I found as a pleasant and reassuring alternative”. Gary (ACT)


I love and feel comforted by a natural product, hence points to this lovely balm.  I found it difficult to find a cold and flu balm for kids with a quality natural base as opposed to the cheap and nasty petroleum based.  I have used an alternate similar product to this balm on my son however the consistency was lumpy and for some reason would irritate his skin and cause it to become itchy and rash.  The Beetanicals Bee Well balm however has a really lovely consistency so much so I've even thought about using it as a hand balm!  I personally as an adult prefer a stronger smelling cold and flu rub, but I know how sensitive little people can be to oil strengths and completely trust in this brand they have got it just right. Belinda (Vic)


Your chest balm is fantastic!! I was coughing all day yesterday! Before I went to bed I rubbed some on and didn't cough all night!! Jo (Vic)


Tanya, you wouldn’t believe what happened. I sat your product on our kitchen bench. Our 2 year old had a cough and cold but I totally forgot about your product. Coming home one day I said to my husband it seems like our child had gotten better overnight. He said yeah I put that stuff on the bench on his chest last night. My husband had no idea it was yours and we both couldn’t believe how well it worked. I have used it since on my 4 year old and it also made a huge impact on his cough very quickly. I would highly recommend it to everyone and even better it’s natural. Abby (Vic)


Our family recently had a bad run with a chest cold that resulted in my 3 year old waking up coughing during the night. Within 5 minutes of applying 100% natural chest balm she stopped coughing and was able to fall back asleep. This helped her speedy recovery. I found it to be as effective on myself when I became sick. The balm has a beautiful silky touch and smells amazing. Jess (Vic)


“After only using the product a couple of times, Beetanicals Bee Well has already become the go-to brand within our household for nasal congestion, dry/ inflamed skin or insect bites. Both of our two girls (three and seven) know it by name and ask for it - it is our magical cream. As parents we are delighted to have found a product that is not only completely natural and made in here Australia, it actually works.” - Jo (QLD) 


I couldn’t go without the Bee Well Balm. I put it on my chest and it helps relieve my irritated throat and have a good night’s sleep. Robert (Vic)


I have used the Bee Well Balm from the onset of colds. When I have had a dry sore throat and coughed in the night, I rub some on my throat and chest and it has eased straight away so I can go back to sleep. Marie (Vic)


Beetanicals – Bee Soothed Balm

My kids and I have quite sensitive skin and eczema, often coming out in small persistent dry skin rashes in the oddest of places; me on my eyelids and armpit, my daughter on her back and wrist.  I really struggled to find a product that would provide some relief by easing the itching and addressing the dryness overall.  I am happy to say I have found this product has done the trick.  The dry patches still come and go, however this balm keeps them at bay within a couple of days.  With the eyelids being such a sensitive area I was a little cautious to try on this area in the first instance, however I have had no adverse reactions at all.  I have even used the balm on my 3yr old daughter’s eye lids and below the eye when she was suffering dry and itchy eyes during a viral infection with positives all round. Belinda (Vic)


I found great relief from the Bee Soothed Balm on my irritated skin. I have tried so many ointments and this one is by far the best. Barry (Vic)


I recently had jaundice and the after effects left my skin very itchy.  To help stop me scratching I would apply Bee Soother balm and it would give instant relieve where applied so I would not scratch and make sores. Great product! Marie (Vic)


Baby Beetanicals – Bee Well Balm

We absolutely love Baby Bee Well Balm! Through winter so far I have been applying Bee Well to 6 month old Sadies Back, Chest and Feet morning and night especially when she is blocked up, it has helped her breathe better whilst playing, feeding, napping and especially sleeping at night! We found Sadie prefers this balm opposed to other vapour balms which are overpowering and would struggle to apply to her. Best of all it is natural. Thanks so much! – Toni (Vic)


Baby Beetanicals – Bee Soothed Balm

We absolutely love Baby Bee Soothed! It has been a godsend. It has helped with Sadie’s cradle cap which was removed fairly quickly and nappy rash which was being a pain through the start of teething, certainly reduced her rash massively especially on bad days! I also use Bee Soothed for after a bath for massage, it seems to calm her before bed and lucky last have used it before and after swimming in the pool, helps reduce chlorine rash and acts as a barrier cream with a delightful smell too. I also use it for winter dry eyes and skin too. It is amazing! Thanks so much! - Toni (Vic)


Manuka Honey

Love it, love it, love it!  How lucky are we to have this locally produced jar of goodness available for our children.  My 3 year old daughter struggles with a terrible cough for weeks at the end of each cold she endures in addition to a nasty cough during the cold/ viral infection at times.  I found cough medicines on the market pretty much useless, and prior to coming across this liquid gold was at my wits end with sleepless nights during these periods for both me and her, which took its toll on the whole family.  I cannot rave enough about this product and feel so privileged to have a natural, high quality, and effective resource, knowing as a mum who cares I am giving my child the best.  The antibacterial qualities are a bonus and the kids love the taste, asking for a teaspoon of their 'honey medicine'.  I use this product for coughs and colds to boost their immune system and in conjunction with the chest balm.  I did at first use however explain to the kids it was special honey medicine and different to toast honey, so as they were prepared for the different taste - they loved it all the same. Belinda (Vic)


Queen Beetanicals – Belly Bee Nourished Balm

The Queen Beetanicals Belly Bee Nourished Balm is truly a lovely experience. It provided me a beautiful connection with my baby while I massaged my belly. It relieved itchiness caused by my stretching skin and also assisted to reduce my chances of stretch marks. I only got a few lower ones in the last week of my pregnancy (I also got slack with my balm in the last couple of weeks). I kept hydrated throughout my pregnancy. In creating this balm it was all about making it 100% safe for pregnant mums and their bubs and ensuring it was of high quality and effective. I am not ashamed of the few stripes I received as they tell a story of me carrying baby Toby and nor should you be if you get any. Tanya (founder) 

Queen Beetanicals – Boo-Bee Balm
The Queen Beetanicals Boo-Bee Balm is a lovely smooth protective and healing balm that I used after every feed in the early weeks. I got very sore nipples in the first week especially with the adjustment to feeding and dealing with the pain nipple vasospasm caused. This helped the healing along with Philips Avent shells. The ultra soft Philips Avent breast shells are worn inside your bra to protect your nipples from chafing and to collect excess breast milk. I honestly couldn't believe how much it sped up the healing time with this combination. I highly recommend the Boo-Bee Balm and Avent shells for every breastfeeding mum. Tanya (founder)