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How Rosalina Can Help Your Baby Breathe Easy

August 01, 2019 2 min read

How Rosalina Can Help Your Baby Breathe Easy

Scientific name: Melaleuca ericifolia

Origin: Australia

Our little bees can pick up coughs and colds all year round, but particularly in winter, Rosalina is a key Australian Native ingredient in BabyBeetanicals - Bee Well Balmto help your baby breathe easy… and sleep easy this winter.

Rosalina is fast gaining a reputation as a “little gem” in a stressed-out world. Why? Because this calming oil is perfect to aid relaxation and prepare for bed at the end of a long day. The constituents of its delicate, floral aroma also act as decongestants and all-round wellbeing boosters, making it the ideal bed-time companion to help your little one (and the whole house!) get a good night’s sleep – especially during the winter months when sniffly noses and chesty coughs are more common.

Here’s some interesting facts about the power of nature’s medicine and how Rosalina can benefit your baby’s health and wellbeing…

Rosalina Relives Inflammation

  • Rosalina trees found in the north of its natural range (Newcastle) have more linalool - linalool is a soothing phytochemical found in Rosalina trees which can relieve inflammation, oxidative stress, tissue damage and swelling. Botanical oils containing linalool may therefore help with rashes and sunburn.
  • Rosalina trees found in the south of its natural range (Tasmania) have more eucalyptol - eucalyptol, also the major component of eucalyptus oil, is a cooling local anti-inflammatory, and is used (as eucalyptus tea) to relieve bronchial and throat inflammation – particularly common in winter! 

Breathe Easier with Rosalina

  • Eucalyptol is known to relieve nasal congestion from colds and other complaints. To pass as medicinal-grade, the oil must be predominately eucalyptol.
  • Alpha-pinene, another component of Rosalina essential oil, helps to open up our airways even at low levels, which means we can breathe easier while recovering from a cold and get more oxygen.

Soothe Stress with Rosalina

  • The linalool content of Rosalina helps to relieve stress and anxiety. A study on 50 people with mood disorders found that a lavender oil preparation (containing linalool) significantly reduced their depression and lifted their mental health scores.

Antimicrobial Properties of Rosalina

  • Australian research on native plants, including Rosalina, found that the essential oil has antifungal and antibacterial effects against bugs that commonly affect humans, including Candida albicans, E. coli and S. aureus. Many cases of nappy rashinvolve a degree of infection with one or more of these.
  • Besides keeping our babies clean and dry, another way to help prevent nappy rash is to avoid the use of chemical-based products, which often irritate the skin and lead to dermatitis.

Rest assured that allBeetanicals balms are completely toxin-free and contain only the powerful benefits of mother nature’s ingredients. They’re a safe and healthy alternative to soothe, nourish and protect your little one’s precious skin, and to rub on their chest to help them breathe easy, and sleep easy, this winter. Click here to shop around our Baby Beetanicals products!

Rosalina in our Baby Bee Well Balm