Introducing: Excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil

October 04, 2018

Benefits of extra virgin olive oil in family health

Scientific Name: Olea europaea

Origin: Grampians Olive Co, Grampians, Australia

Processing: Cold Pressed


Olive oil is an ingredient we knew we were going to include in our balms right from day dot. In the early days of making balms from my son Cooper, this is the oil I would experiment with and infuse my calendula into. We source our oil from our friends, Olive Grove, in the Grampians – just down the road from us. They are one of Australia’s oldest and award-winning olive groves. We love supporting local businesses!

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is mostly made up of oleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that can penetrate the skin and aid absorption of beneficial plant compounds. It contains many different antioxidants, such as a type known as the phenolic compounds, which are more potent than vitamin E. These can prevent damage from oxidation in fats; we need fat as it makes up our cell membranes and acts as supportive tissue. Is it any surprise that olive oil has been used for centuries in skin and hair preparations in some cultures? Studies have shown that olive oil can reduce inflammation and improve tissue repair, making it a great remedy for aged, irritated skin. In a trial comparing a traditional Iranian olive oil ointment to a pharmaceutical product on burns, none of the ten patients taking the traditional treatment needed surgery, but two-thirds of the others did! The risk of infections was dramatically lower, and healing time was much faster. If you are recovering from an injury such as a burn, it is best to consult a healthcare professional before applying olive oil.


Because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, olive oil may help reduce skin aging. Aging, along with many chronic conditions, leaves skin more prone to inflammation and causes a buildup of damage. Thankfully, research has shown that olive oil can restore rates of wound healing to more youthful levels, when it would typically slow down. Levels of collagen increased, which is responsible for keeping our skin smooth and strong; loss of collagen is the main cause of wrinkling as we get older. Oleuropein, a major plant chemical in olive oil, can also increase levels of a growth factor our bodies produce to help regrow blood vessels after injury. That’s not all! Oleuropein and other phenolics found in the oil can even shift the expression of certain genes into a more youth-promoting pattern. This boosts the production of our own antioxidants and helps the cells in our bodies to clean out their garbage. If they can’t clear out this garbage, then inflammation and tissue injury from its disruptive, toxic effects appear.


Bee Fact – How do bees make that buzzing sound? It comes from their wings, which can move at 200 beats per second.


Olive oil is a seemingly simple ingredient, but it contains many powerful plant chemicals and beneficial fats – another great addition to our balms. However, because of its ability as a skin-penetrating carrier, we must use quality, in-date oil with other safe and beneficial ingredients, as your and your children’s health is our top priority.


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Written by: Tanya Stanley & Alexandra Preston - Naturopath - BHSc (Nat)