Bee Soothed Balm; How To Use For Best Results

December 18, 2018

Bee Soothed Balm; How To Use For Best Results

Word is spreading far and wide about Beetanicals Bee Soothed Balm – hailed by some as “the magic balm”. We’ve been overjoyed to see it transform so many people’s skin; from dermatitis, to eczema, to cracked heals and insect bites. But sadly, we can’t claim to be wizards! As with anything in life, there is rarely a ‘magic fix’, so we want to provide you with clear information about HOW you need to apply the product in order to experience the best results. Which essentially comes down to regular and consistent application until it is cleared.

While one application may be enough to provide overnight relief from a small patch of dry skin on your hand, it won’t be enough to completely clear up an area of dermatitis that has been present for a period of time.

How often do I need to apply it?

Generally speaking, application at least two times a day, for at least two weeks of consistent use, is necessary to get the full healing benefits. Although it will of course depend on the severity of your skin condition. You may get results in one week, or it may be a few months, depending on individual factors such as how long you’ve had the skin complaint.

Why does consistency count?

The top, tough layer of skin that keeps our body protected through letting moisture in and bacteria out, takes one whole month to change over - so cannot be healed within a day or two when healing is required.

Too inconsistent or too short periods of use do not fully support the healing process and may undo any antibacterial effects gained from ingredients such as honey or coconut oil.

Then there’s Vitamin C, provided by Kakadu plum in our Bee Soothed Balm; which is the richest source of vitamin C in the world! Our skin needs vitamin C in order to form and maintain the skin barrier and supportive collagen underneath. In cases of dermatitis, where our skin needs to heal, we may need more Vitamin C to do the job properly, and because vitamin C is water-soluble our bodies don’t store it - so we need consistent application instead of one heavy dose to give our skin what it needs.

What the Research Says

In an early study from 2003, 21 volunteers with dermatitis (derma = skin, -itis= inflammation) and 18 with psoriasis tested the effects of a honey, beeswax and olive oil mixture against pharmaceutical steroid creams and Vaseline. The honey mixture is like a very bare-bones version of our Bee Soothed Balm. Changes in symptoms including redness, itching and scaling were measured for all treatments. Eight out of ten participants with dermatitis who were using the honey cream showed improvement after two weeks, and so did five out of eight people with psoriasis.

A second study two years later tested the same mixture on twelve babies with nappy rash, a form of dermatitis. They were treated four times every day, for seven days. All the babies had moderate to severe redness, and some had ulceration of their skin! However, the treatment paid off; the average severity dropped from 2.91/5 to 0.66/5 after the week. Half the babies with fungal infections no longer had them. This indicates that an ‘as-needed’ or after every nappy change approach could be best for more severe cases.

Do you have any more questions?

We wholeheartedly believe in the natural healing power of our beeswax and Manuka honey products, and with consistent application we know it has the power to help so many people! So please do get in touch with us if you have any questions about trying our products.

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