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Get the buzz from Beetanicals Queen Bee; Tanya Stanley

March 08, 2019 4 min read

Get the buzz from Beetanicals Queen Bee; Tanya Stanley

In honour of International Women’s Day 2019 we thought it would be a great opportunity for you all to get to know our bee-autiful Founder, Tanya Stanley, a little better.

Loving wife to Warren - head beekeeper of the Stanley family - and devoted mother to two little bees Cooper and Toby, Tanya is the driving force behind Beetanicals.

Four years ago, when their first-born baby Cooper suffered from eczema prone skin, Tanya struggled to find chemical-free, natural skincare products on the market to help ease it. Upon discovering the incredible healing benefits of beeswax, she began making her own healing balm using beeswax from their very own hives. When it proved effective for Cooper, and indeed for tending other family members skin issues too, Tanya’s dream was realised - to bring a range of bee-autiful natural balms to other families like their own to enhance skin health and overall wellbeing. Four years later she had upskilled, travelled parts of Australia learning about bush medicine, sourcing the best ingredients, and collaborating with experts in their chosen fields to bring Beetanicals to life. Beetanicals was launched in September 2018.

Tanya answers some questions about her personal journey bee-hind the scenes as a new female business owner from rural Australia.

 And in case you’re wondering about the image for this blog… she’s striking the #BalanceforBetter pose which is the official theme of International Women’s Day 2019. Visit to find out more.

 Q: What new skills did you need to learn to make your dream a reality?

I’ve always had an interest in natural healing remedies and ingredients, so in the early days I spent hundreds of hours researching and broadening my knowledge while breastfeeding. The following year I came across a course in Sydney for how to start your own skincare business and knew I had to attend. With support from family we made it happen and this country girl found herself in the big city embarking on a new adventure! Shortly after, I went on to complete a Women’s Business School course to upskill in business management and connected with a number of professionals to bring the Beetanicals brand to life. 

Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve experienced along the way in launching and growing your own business?

It has certainly been a rollercoaster ride over the years, but I am grateful to say the journey has been an experience with more highs than lows J I know it’s probably one of the most common challenges for women but being a mum of two young children, time management has been a constant work in progress. There are also so many factors to get right in a business; from having a great product, to production logistics, to legalities, to finances, to creating a brand that people connect with. Through all these learnings I have always stuck to my mission of building a safe and effective brand that families can trust, using the highest quality natural & organic ingredients, which really helps guide me when it comes to any decision-making.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a wife, a mother and a business woman in your own right?

To be honest I am in awe of what women are capable of juggling; from home life and being a mother, to adding the extra level of starting a business and all the bits in between. Somehow, we manage to keep stretching ourselves and growing and I am proud of what I have achieved so far.

Q: Are there any fears or doubts that you’ve experienced personally along the way?

Absolutely. Particularly how the products and the brand will be received, and how I’ll manage growing a business around family life and beekeeping. Sometimes I just need to take a step back and re-focus on what’s important and what the next step is, then come back to it with a fresh mindset.

Q: How have you found building your business in a rural area of Australia?

So much can be done online these days by way of connecting with people that I have still found everything accessible to me. We do live in a very small community that has only a fire brigade, a hall and a tennis court, so at times when our satellite Internet has been slow, I’ve driven to the closest town of Horsham to do some online jobs there!

Q: What advice would you give to other rural women, perhaps also living in a male-dominated industry, who have a business idea of their own?

Go for it!! You have nothing to lose. Your success is up to yourself. Research and find the right people to help you and build connections to bring your idea to life.

Q: How have you found working with your husband to build the new family brand? What role do you each play?

Warren too has believed in the project right from the beginning and has supported our investment through the pre-launch and growth phase. He already has a huge commitment managing 700 hives as a beekeeper, so while I drive Beetanicals day-to-day operations, he is still consulted over key business decisions which we make together.

Q: How do you balance your business and family life?

This is a daily work in progress! Having a 4-year-old and 1-year-old, they’re at an age where they need me most, so I prioritise their needs and work around them as best I can. The business is still new to us, so we’re still working on finding the balance that works for us to be honest. I know we’ll get better as time goes on and we continue to learn.

Q: What is your vision for the future of Beetanicals?

I would love Beetanicals to become a household name in family homes around Australia, and potentially internationally. You open the bathroom cabinet – and Beetanicals is there.


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 With love, from our hive to your home x