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Introducing: Amazing Avocado Oil

February 05, 2019 2 min read

Introducing: Amazing Avocado Oil

Scientific Name – Persea gratissima

Processing – Unrefined oil

Origin – Queensland, Australia

Ah, the delicious avocado. Well, they aren’t just good for guacamole or being smashed on toast… avocados are soooo beneficial for skin health. They’ve become a popular ingredient in the natural skincare world, and our unique Beetanicals formulations are no exception.

Avocados have been used as a food and in cosmetics for over 2,700 years. Their native territory is Latin America, where they were used in women's cosmetic products. When they spread to India, Ayurvedic practitioners started to incorporate them into preparations for dry skin.

Avocados for Dry Skin

Dry skin conditions affect one in three Australians at some point in their lives, which can feature red, dry, itchy, scaly skin, potentially causing further issues such as infection. Enter the humble avocado, which can make a huge difference to your dry skin.

Avocados contain several types of unsaturated fatty acids: oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acids, with oleic acid making up most of its unsaturated fat content. These are great for rehydrating the skin and restoring moisture to help reduce the appearance of redness and alleviate dry skin. 

Protecting Our Skin

Several antioxidant carotenoids are found in avocados, such as the yellow-pigmented lutein, and research has shown that these can protect the skin against UV damage, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It’s not a replacement for sunscreen, but may help make summer easier for children and adults with skin conditions that are exacerbated by sun exposure. Avocados also contain vitamins C, D and E.

There you have it – avocados are more than just a food. If any of the above issues sound like you or a loved one, perhaps one of our balms could help out. Click here to shop around, or here to read about some of our other ingredients.


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