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Toxin-Free Skincare; Beetanicals is Making a Buzz in the Health & Beauty Industry!

September 24, 2019 2 min read

Toxin-Free Skincare; Beetanicals is Making a Buzz in the Health & Beauty Industry!

Here’s a quick introduction to the Beetanicals story, which is the ‘WHY’ behind our business and mission…

When Cooper (the first little bee in the Beetanicals family) developed a dry skin condition as a baby, Tanya and Warren searched for toxin-free products on the market that would provide relief and protect his precious new skin. But as their search proved unsuccessful, Tanya decided to make her own 100% natural homemade remedy using beeswax and Manuka Honey from their own beehives as the base. Tanya knew of the powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and when she witnessed the extraordinary results, she knew there would be more parents out there in the same situation looking for chemical-free products that could help soothe their babies discomfort. It was from this chapter that Beetanicals was born!

The Rise of Toxin-Free Skincare

More consumers are calling for natural products that really work. As a society we’re becoming more conscious about the brands we support as media and education spreads about the health risks and environmental impacts of mass-manufactured chemical-based products.

Beetanicals is on a mission to lead the charge! As parents ourselves, we believe it’s important that people are informed about exactly what they’re putting on their child’s skin, (or even their own skin for that matter!) so they’re educated to make more conscious decisions upon which brands they want to bring into their home. That’s why you’ll find a list of ALL the ingredients in each of our products on our website, plus information about why each of those ingredients has been selected and what the benefits are. Because we bee-lieve that you have a right to know!

Tanya was featured alongside Julie Mathers, CEO ofFlora & Fauna, in an article by Naturally Good about chemical-free and cruelty-free products being the way of the future in the Australian health & beauty industry.

Beetanicals Certified Clean & Pure

All Beetanicals balms are certified Clean & Pure byNative Oils Australia. But what does this mean?

It means that Beetanicals has met the high standards of Native Oils Australia’s Quality Assurance program, which guarantees purity and cleanliness of all essential oils that feature in the Beetanicals range. From batch testing, sustainable farming, accountable warehouse management to supporting local communities - you can rest assured that Beetanicals ticks all the boxes and are proud to do so.

Beetanicals Wins Mama & Baby Awards

In June 2019, we were absolutely thrilled to be awarded Editor’s Choice in theBeauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards forBeetanicals Bee Soothed Balm,Bee Well BalmandBaby Bee Well Balm.

This recognition from industry experts across Australia, the UK and the USA validates the call for brands in the health & beauty industry to step up and lead the way in offering consumers more natural products and operating with an earth-friendly ethos.

Click here to shop our toxin-free cruelty-free skincare balmsand please share your support via social media so we may bring more natural and effective health & beauty solutions to families around Australia and beyond!

From our hive to your home x